With so many people dying on a daily basis, a heart warming story is always welcome. 

A 100 year old great-great grandmother has defeated coronavirus and been released from the hospital. 

It's just another chapter in her very tough life story which involves fighting Scarlett fever, measles, whooping cough, diphtheria, flu and two heart attacks. 

Her granddaughter detailed the families joy:

"She is delighted to be back home.

She's our little boomerang, she never fails to come back with a vengeance.

We were all so worried about her having the virus, at first we feared the worst, but we knew she was in safe hands and soon enough we knew she would come out dancing.

Everyone was amazing on the ward and kept us updated, we are so thankful for the care they gave our lovely nanan"

Like many seniors, a smile and a positive attitude gets her through everything.

"She's got such a positive attitude. She can put a smile on anybody's face.

She is still doing great for 100 and tells such wonderful stories, we love her so much.

She loves nothing more than a trip to Skegness, on the Lincs. coast eating her fish and chips

My nanan definitely got her fill of childhood illnesses, but she fought them all off, just like she has done with this coronavirus.

She has suffered a bit of ill health in the past eight years as she has angina and has had two heart attacks but this just proves she is still strong and fighting."

A smile really helps, however Rose's real secret is a nightly cup of tea with a tot of whisky and a gingernut biscuit.

Source: Daily Mail