A 40 year old mum from Glasgow is trying to become the "most enhanced" woman in Britain. 

Amanda Lovelie recently spent £45k on a bum lift and she's still looking for more enhancements. 

Currently a model, Lovelie says her latest surgery was the "best money she's ever spent". 

"I had my BBL surgery done in April and I love it," Amanda explained. "Not only does it give you a nice booty but it also gives you an hourglass figure as the liposuction takes fat from your belly.

"Before my bum was nasty and I couldn't see it and always hid it. But now I've finally got a booty - I'm glad it is so much better now."

She admits that she's probably spent over £200,000 on her enhancements and currently has her boobs at a 2600cc cup size. 

Next up on the list is a facelift before she adds even more size to her breasts. 

"I don't think it's something I'll ever be able to stop because I'm always going to want to look my absolute best," she concluded.

Check out some pictures of her various changes below starting with a picture of how she looked before everything. 

Source: The Sun