With all the stress and anxiety over the current coronavirus pandemic, Weatherspoons workers received a really tough blow on Tuesday. 

The big boss at Weatherspoons has informed all it's workers some devastating news. 

Doors are closed and it won't pay it's workers any more than the hours they've already worked. 

Tim Martin, the company's big boss, told people if they're not happy they should "go and work in Tesco instead".

He explained that workers won't be getting any extra pay until the company gets the payout from the government, but that might not be coming anytime soon. If workers leave Weatherspoons in the meantime, they forfeit their entitlement to that government compensation. 

A worker spoke to the Mirror anonymously.

"One thing Tim neglected to mention is that any employees who do go to Tesco would forfeit any furloughed pay," the kitchen worker said.

"He’s obviously trying to avoid paying as many people as possible. Profits are up every year and his personal fortune is £40million so it’s a bit hard to buy the line that they can’t afford to pay their staff."

The company is being called out by the government including MP Rachel Reeves.

"It is unacceptable that Wetherspoons has refused to pay its 40,000 employees until it receives its Government loan - potentially in late April - after first refusing to lock down altogether. If bosses disregard employees' wellbeing then the Government should take tougher action to force compliance."

Some really sad news. 

Source: Mirror.co.uk