There could be a big change coming to hospital canteens soon if some doctors have their way. 

A group of doctors is urging hospitals to ban bacon and bangers due to health concerns calling them as "dangerous as asbestos". 

The group called "The Plant-based Health Professionals Group" are saying the cancer risks that come with processed meats are just too high to have in hospitals. 

"The NHS spends millions treating cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes." explained group founder Dr Shireen Kassam.

“Why serve food that can cause life-threatening conditions? Hospitals will argue healthier options are available, but there’s no safe limit with processed meat.”

They've started a campaign called "Give Bacon The Boot". 

“Bacon is in the same category as asbestos as far as its potential to cause cancer.” added Anaesthetist Dr Charlotte Houltram.

Processed meat has been labelled by the World Health Organization in the same category as tobacco smoking and asbestos when it comes to causes of cancer. However they've also said it doesn't mean they're all equally dangerous. 

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Source: The Sun