Two male penguins in Berlin are making headlines around the world. 

The two penguins are a same sex couple by the name of Skipper and Ping and they've been caring for an abandoned egg since July. 

A spokesperson for the Berlin Zoo said the two penguins have adopted the egg and are "behaving like model parents, taking turns to keep the egg warm".

The egg was abandoned by the lone female penguin at the zoo but it might not hatch and it's not Skipper and Ping's fault. 

"The thing is, we don't know if the egg was fertilised," Maximilian Jäger says.

If the pair are lucky, the Berlin Zoo will welcome it's first chick born to a same sex couple in early September. 

Gay penguins aren't rare and can be found in both captivity and the wild. 

We'll see if the two have a little baby penguin to share come September. 

Source: BBC