The country will come together for something very special on Tuesday. 

Millions will fall silent to remember and pay tribute to NHS staff and key workers who have passed away from COVID-19. 

It'll be a minute of silence on International Workers' Memorial Day and it's supported by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

“We will be supporting the minute silence. We will be asking everybody who works in government to take part. “We would hope that others will take part nationwide as well.”

According to the government, 78 NHS staff and 16 carers have been killed so far and those numbers are expected to be higher once the real numbers are figured out. 

Labour leader Keir Starmer has also come out publicly to support the tribute. 

"Our key workers are literally putting their lives on the line in the fight against the coronavirus. They represent the best of us,”

TUC head , Frances O’Grady, added "We will be forever in debt to the workers who have died during this pandemic - whether they be nurses, doctors, care staff or other essential workers. They have lost their lives looking after our loved ones and keeping our country running. We remember those who have died and recommit to fight for the living. Every worker should be safe at work – during this pandemic, and always.”

The moment of silence will take place at 11am on Tuesday April 28 and you can support it on social media with the hashtag #neverforgotten. 

Source: mirror