When women go through birth, a lot of physical changes can happen. 

Positive things can happen like women regaining 20/20 vision again and some unfortunate things can happen like this story. 

Svetlana Savchenkova, from Volgograd, southwest Russia, started to grow an abnormal amount of facial hair.

The hair started during her pregnancy and then a beard came in after she gave birth to her son, it obviously hindered her life. 

"I can't work or communicate with people normally, even my child.

"I don't allow him to touch my face. Obviously, relations with my husband got much worse.
"He doesn't kiss me now because it is disgusting. Every year it is getting worse.
"I'm afraid that our family will fall apart."

She tried multiple suggestions by doctors but absolutely nothing worked. 

Her last bid hope?

Svetlana went on a TV show called "I'm Ashamed of My Body" where she was put under care by a medical team and received laser therapy and treatment for polycystic ovary sydrome. Following the treatment she was also given sex steroid for a year and lost 30lbs and it made a huge difference and she dropped the beard. 

"I feel so happy now. I don't need to wake up before the rest of my family to shave my face.
"I'm not afraid of losing my husband anymore because of my hairy face.
"I walk outdoors with my chin up after a dozen years of hiding my face."

Source: The Mirror