As the coronavirus toll starts to grow across the U.K., many people believe Prime Minister Boris Johnson's actions are costing people their lives. 

The latest to call out the PM is Piers Morgan. 

While Morgan does have a bit of sympathy for Johnson during this unprecedented time, he believes the PM is handling it all wrong. 

Here's an excerpt from Morgan's piece calling out the PM. 

"The harsh reality is that Boris Johnson is flailing - and flailing so badly it’s going to cost a lot of lives.

From the moment the coronavirus reared its ugly head, he’s shown an extraordinary reluctance to tackle it head on.

The World Health Organisation first signalled its concern that we could be facing a global pandemic in the middle of January.

Yet as China, where it started in the city of Wuhan, instantly threw the kitchen sink at trying to defeat it, Britain pretty much turned a blind eye.

Indeed, as the Times pointed out, the government seemed more determined to wage war with the BBC than with COVID-19."

Morgan feels very strongly that the government has kind of handled the situation as a joke. 

"The truth is that Britain’s been sleep-walking into a total disaster with this deadly virus because the man at the top just hasn’t got his head round it.

As the rest of the world raced to close schools, pubs, restaurants, bars, gyms and any other places where people like to gather for fun, Boris Johnson resisted.

He was ‘following the science’, he kept repeating parrot-like.

And that’s a perfectly laudable position until it’s proven that the science we were following until very recently was so flawed it was taking the country into a catastrophe.

A bombshell report by Imperial College a week ago revealed Britain had been pursuing a policy of ‘herd immunity’ that the government believed would infect a lot of people fast and thus hopefully reduce both the death toll and strain on the NHS.

In fact, as Imperial’s experts established, it would have the complete opposite effect and lead to the NHS being overrun and the deaths of up to 500,000 people.

When confronted with this shocking reality, Boris Johnson did an immediate U-turn but pretended it was all part of his big masterplan to ‘evolve the strategy as we need to.’"

You can read the full piece by clicking here, what do you think of Morgan's comments?

Source: Daily Mail