The numbers continue to rise across the UK as we deal with the coronavirus pandemic. 

A new report suggests that we could have one million Brits with the coronavirus by next week. 

Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said he's not happy or impressed by the government's response to the situation and more testing needs to be done. 

As of now almost 7000 people have tested positive for the virus. 

"All our public focus has on social distancing.

"But testing and contact tracing to break the chain of transmission is every bit as important if not more important.

"South Korea avoided national lockdown despite having a worse outbreak initially than us. 

"Taiwan introduced temperature scanning in malls and office buildings but kept shops and restaurants open, they’ve had just two deaths.

"In Singapore restaurants remain open and schools reopening.

"But 10 days ago in this country we went in the opposite direction and stopped testing in the community.

"How can we possibly suppress the virus if we don’t know where it is?"

What do you think of Hunt's comments?