Little Ant and Dec are all grown up and they really aren't so 'little' anymore.

The original 'mini me' duo from ITV's Saturday Night Takeaway are look completely different, four years after they left the show.

James Pallister and Dylan McKenna were the pint-sized Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly lookalikes on the variety game show until they were replaced in 2013.

That made a lot of sense considering the two pals were approaching their 20s.

The pair have since moved on from their lives as the copycat double act.

James and Dylan still have ditched the Ant & Dec lookalike hairstyles and have more original cuts.

Neither strayed from the North East and James has been working as a vehicle technician for BMW according to Facebook.

James Pallister was the pint-sized Ant McPartlin

Dylan McKenna was the tiny little Declan Donnelly

On the show, the duo would interview celebrity guests in an innocent but cheeky way, before reporting back to the full-size Ant and Dec.

They were replaced by Neil Overend and Haydn Reid.