It was a story that caught the internet by storm back in 2014. 

Jasmine Trident pulled off a stunt duping people into thinking that she actually had three breasts. 

Despite the fact her third breast was revealed as a hoax, she still has a huge following on YouTube and is now trying to get the real thing. 

Trident claims she's found a surgeon in Florida of the USA that will perform the surgery for approximately £39,518. 

"The surgeon is located in Miami, Florida and he says that he would approach this as he would with a patient with breast cancer, which would be reconstructive surgery," she said.
"First, he would have to insert a tissue expander. Then he would expand the tissue once a week. "Once it reaches it’s appropriate size, he would then proceed with the third breast implant surgery. "He would also insert a miniature implant for the nipple and finally, a tattoo for the areola."

She's received a lot of hate for the fake third breast she currently has. 

"My grandparents disapproved the third breast to the point where we have minimal contact to this day.
"My father and sister do not support it, but they will not disown me regardless of what I decide to do with my body.
"I feel that if you want to achieve proficiency in the entertainment industry, then you must be prepared for negative attention.
"It would be unreasonable and foolish to not expect some hateful followers. It is a privilege to be an entertainer and I will gladly accept both the advantages and disadvantages.

Check out some pictures of her with her prosthetic third breast. 

Source: The Sun