Surprise, surprise, Wayne Rooney is caught up in another cheating scandal. 

This time he's denying it and calling out The Sun who released pictures of him with a woman back in Vancouver, Canada.

The pictures show Rooney throwing down drinks with a woman at a club and then entering a hotel lift with a woman around 5:30am local time. 

Those pictures going public made Coleen Rooney jump on a plane immediately and head to Washington. 

Now Wayne is claiming it's a set up and he's innocent. 

"The Sun this week ran a front page story making it look like I took a girl back to my team hotel. They know that it's not true and that I did not. They are using mine and my family's name to sell papers. 

Nothing happened between me and any girl on that night in Vancouver. I did not enter the lift alone with the girl pictured in the hotel foyer. 

The girl pictured in the club was simply one of many who innocently asked for autographs and pictures. 

The photographs published by The Sun were taken by a freelance photographer who followed me and team mates to take long range shots, without our knowledge or permission. 

The pictures sold to the newspaper were selected and edited to create a sensational and completely untrue story about me. 

This whole story was a smear against me. It is damaging to my family and not something I am prepared to put up with"

Check out some of the pictures below:

Source: Pictures courtesy of The Sun